Saturday, February 19, 2011

my twin

hey blogville ,arini spend time with my bff,sumpah lame gile tak lepak dgn dorang tau
nothing to do,just lepak mall aje la
Ok,let me intro first,this is my bff since I was in form three ,I guess heee,
selain dorang,ad lagi sorang,suzieana haha,rindu u suzie,
slain tu ad jgk kawan yg lain,rindu korang :( 
bile nak buat reunion ni ha ?
Ahaaa,ni la keje ktorg dkt fitting room,heee



I thinks I have met that person 


80's fashion

I love 80's,everything old becomes new again. Trends from the 1980s are starting to come back.
 Now don't get me wrong  heee =..= 
Yes, my mom,she was quite stylish before getting married.
 Her clothes still can be used  style and and and  I steal HA HA,sorry ibu, >..< 
giant t-shirt is my favourite :)

  I'm completely amazed at how lovely the outfits are. 
 I might be falling in love with this era already


Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses

80s Hairstyles 


How to style 80s Hair

Pantai Sepat

Been away for awhile, yeah,a lot of things happened this week, 
so dramatic and tragedy, just follow the flow.
Blogville ? pending ? yeah I don't want make it clear :). 

Last Tuesday, such a boring day,so me and my friends went to Pantai Sepat.
Hell yeah Pantai Sepat make my day even something  bad happened.
Actually not bad  but experience to us  >..< .
 What bad happened? can't started the engine car because shot.
 I thinks I failed to describe what's mean shot because 100% zero bout car HA HA pffft

. Here are some picture I wanna share :) 


Saturday, February 12, 2011

malas nak fikir daaa

Balik dari umah,trus online,dkt sane takde mase nak hadap lappy 24/7,
kua rumah lepak, do assgment yang tak siap-siap lg, next week nak kne submit feature writing plak,durhhh,idea dtg la segera,nak cpt siap.

Cakap pasal assignment,
mggu ni ad krisis plak, smpai salah faham berlaku, malas nak bercerita, tapi rasenyer masing-masing dah besarkan, 

so blh beza antara masa lepak dgn assignment, nak- nak kalau dah in group lg la susah, individu tak la kisah sangat kan, susah mcm ni,ikut la,mls nak fkir,yang penting xrepeat this subject :) 

Monday, February 7, 2011

I want this leopard pleaseee 



I want tumblr in my  blog,can? HA HA,  mostly interested tumblr than blog,but at the same times 
I want express my idea, shared my experience, improve my language skills,serious,it works :) 
 I want both, tumblr and blog under one roof.
 I'm lazy person to manage so many account.

So this is the best way . :)

mood swing swang

 Not in mood, pms symptoms, I told you before, around the corner, 
can I drink some little coke? settle this problem asap,
acne?yeah,getting better,thanks god, no scars :) 

mood swing swang  ni boleh plak tergoogle gamba ni,sumpah cam bodo HA HA

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Pms for the short, premenstrual syndrome or also called PMT premenstrual TENSION,yeah I agree with that. Every month I will felt this symptoms,face it like usual , redho dan terpaksa .Guys, I hope someday you can feel what we feel,perhaps, HA HA, yeah I know the answer, takkan punyaa.

Menstrual around the corner for this month,normal thing for me,just accept it. Just for the sharing, I was menstruate at age 13 yo, I'm bleeding a lot, feel strange and calling my mother  to make sure what is actually happend and yeah I was puberty, not girl and not yet a women, so what is it? HA HA, in the middle level I guess phewww,girl become women hehe meow meow.

 So, too many symptom when pms, and yeah for sure la mood swings swangs ,sometimes will anger,sad,happy pulak, unstable emotion. Sorry for those yg pnh kena marah, hope understand. Food cravings. 24/7 hungry, my weight gain ok hehe, happy for a while la kan,always sleepy,migraines, breast pain, and and acne!! tsk tsk >..< 
I hate this part,grr .So, every month as usual,I will fight this situation. nak surrender bole? white flag plsss. 

So, thanks for reading  :)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

h a i r

See old picture, but not too old I guess, cemburu boleh?  
Nk macam dulu ? 
Takpe Nina,tak lame dah,nak pnjang dah,nak lebat dah pun
Asyik fikir je,mmg la rase mcm lmbt je tp mmg lmbt pun,
tu la,asyik color rambut je,
Tuhan nak tarik da kan,tak bersyukur la awak ni nina,grr

Haaa,rindu bole? 

But I fucking adore this hair,OMG I really want this hair. Wishlist for this year actually, I think no more color-color,but shinny,long,wavy perhaps :)

They're Just Like Us

Boring day,nothing to do,just online,being good good girl 0_~ 
Well just 1 day left before the classes start durhhh.

Just now, listening Tiger Lily song :) ,and texting someone 
Ok,They're Just Like Us,but who? I don't want explain in details,

just take a look

Kate Moss  eating ice cream

Janie Dickinson is stopped in the drive thru

Even they're just like us, I know their hating paparazi 


 1.41 pm, still on my bed, google pasal lagu, so many choices la kan,
 ok btw berbalik pada tajuk entry kali ini ialah e y e l i n e r . 
Ok for me, I can't live without eyeliner. 
Selain rambut,mata juga memainkan peranan penting. 
Ok,let me shared with you  tips how to use eyeliner.

So check it out 

Friday, February 4, 2011


This picture describe what I feel now. When it will happen ?

Oh my Lana

HAHA tergerlak wei tgk gambar ni,gigi die taring,suke la,mcm gigi Mr.Weirdo la,
ni la orang kate pemanis,penyeri muke tau and his hair,OMG lawa ,
mcm muke Lindsay Lohan pun ad kan, 
Lana, my favourite part of you is your teeth :)

does anybody else here think it’s weird when people date someone they just met and a week later, they’re all “OMG BBY I LOVE YOU. FOHEVUHH xoxoxo” ?

and im just like:


     Well,life ups and downs. Sometimes what we plan not necessarily happened and life is not as beautiful as that we think. Friendship,family,love, education and etc. Last year, May 2010,Thanks to Allah because with that what happened, ada la kisah perempuan desperate,bodo haha and I really down that time and this guy gave me a strength and some advise how to manage my fuckin problem,thanks Mr.Limited Edition. I was getting close with him :) Ada hikmah di sebalik kejadian kan. Because of that jugak, I was found the truth and what actually happened. Life is karma Just now my life full with color because of you. YOU :) . 

     2010 was the year most meaningful because I get to know him better. HA HA, this part tak boleh blah,  I can't imagine it because at first just not me but my friends also think nahhh just trick,biase la laki kan,ayat usha la tu  tsk tsk  > .. < but kaji punya kaji,google smue da kan,hell yeah, have no female friends, just her mum and her sister 'kak yong' and never ever have serious relationship with girls? hello? Is he gay?? pfff!! this is limited edition huhu and hell yeah, he got a crush on me?? padahal mase lepak sesame pun aku crush dgn die gak, sbb cute gitu, your teeth just like Lana heroin smallville la auwww. 

     The fav part when he created poem,the sweet word for me, just Allah know how I felt that time :') and I'm so lucky because he want  be friend with me padahal many girl out there much better than me la kan. That's all la for  this entry, dhaaaa

Yeah, I think so :)

But I thinking, karma was knock you syg 
Now you know how I felt 
HA HA ;)


I really love this statement,seriously :).Rasenyer tak perlu dihuraikan dengan panjangkan?

.Tapi this situation berlaku kot zaman sekarang,maklumla perempuan lebih ramai daripada lelaki,lelaki pulak dah elok-elok jadi lelaki nak jadi perempuan,aduyaiii,sampaikan perempuan sanggup dimadukan,itu belum lagi kalau kahwin kan,sanggup ke pun? huhu

 Euwwww atau lebih senang la orang panggil dengan name 


new blog skin ! !

Good evening folks.Here I am, 3.39pm, still on bed. Looking for a new blogskin. Phewwwww, mostly not interesting

why now?

Why now?based on the title,mesti tertanya - tanya kan apa yg dimaksudkan.
 Haaaa,hey,I'm new here actually :) .

Orang lain dah lame ada blog,aku baru la nak bertatih belajar main blog ni apa semua kan,
I don't have much time to do this things actually. 

So,welcome to my fucking blog :)