Sunday, February 6, 2011


Pms for the short, premenstrual syndrome or also called PMT premenstrual TENSION,yeah I agree with that. Every month I will felt this symptoms,face it like usual , redho dan terpaksa .Guys, I hope someday you can feel what we feel,perhaps, HA HA, yeah I know the answer, takkan punyaa.

Menstrual around the corner for this month,normal thing for me,just accept it. Just for the sharing, I was menstruate at age 13 yo, I'm bleeding a lot, feel strange and calling my mother  to make sure what is actually happend and yeah I was puberty, not girl and not yet a women, so what is it? HA HA, in the middle level I guess phewww,girl become women hehe meow meow.

 So, too many symptom when pms, and yeah for sure la mood swings swangs ,sometimes will anger,sad,happy pulak, unstable emotion. Sorry for those yg pnh kena marah, hope understand. Food cravings. 24/7 hungry, my weight gain ok hehe, happy for a while la kan,always sleepy,migraines, breast pain, and and acne!! tsk tsk >..< 
I hate this part,grr .So, every month as usual,I will fight this situation. nak surrender bole? white flag plsss. 

So, thanks for reading  :)

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